(Video recorded at Toowoomba , 2005 – Combined Churches event)

When people hear about near-death-experiences (NDE), it is often shared with some kind of reference to a changed life. The profound insight into ‘life beyond the here and now’ leaves a lasting impression. Our normal every day perception is limited to this reality, but for a few it gets a boost to look beyond, beyond this life, beyond to something more.

My personal experience should actually be described as a “near heaven experience,” even though a “near death experience” was the initial traumatic event that could have very well left me on the other side of eternity. But by God’s grace I am allowed to hang out here for a while longer. 

Amazingly my NDE took place on Good Friday morning. I say ‘amazingly’, because I’m a Pastor. On Good Friday around the world Christians gather in Churches to remember the event of Christ’s death and resurrection from the dead. Now I was facing my own death in the cardiac ward.

What followed was a life and faith lesson as well as a personal experience of the Gospel message; which by the way is absolutely preoccupied with telling us that there is more to come. Rather than talking about it, God saw fit to show me … and indeed, there is more to come!

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From my testimony you will find out what happened to me:

  • to bring me so close to death on that Good Friday
  • how the cardiac ward was the right place to be at the right time with the right people to bring me back
  • what happened when my vital signs flat lined
  • how I experience a visual ‘life after death’ glimpse into heaven
  • what I discovered as a result of my near death experience during my recovery time
  • how God made it clear that it wasn’t a ‘figment of my imagination’

This personal experience has led me to believe:

  • that the Bible truly reveals the connection between this life and the next.
  • that there is a literal experience of heaven and encounter with heavenly angels.
  • that the spiritual reality around us intersects in our physical life for our benefit. 
  • that faith in Jesus Christ and belief in the Gospel message is the ‘real deal’ for eternal life.

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My posts are a casual comment to explore the experience of faith, the expectation of heaven, and the encouragement we receive from Scripture  (check out John 20:30,31 & Philippians 4:8,9).

The FAQ’s (see menu button) is a summary of the frequently asked questions I have received and it’s my attempt to give an answer and perhaps point inquirers to search the scriptures for themselves by giving a few bible reference to clarify the Christian position and mainline Church beliefs on these topics.

Rev. Dirk Willner.  

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