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When people think about near-death-experiences (NDE), or hear from those who have experienced something like that, it is often referenced with a change in their outlook on life … especially concerning eternal life (the idea of life after death). My personal experience can best be described as a “near heaven experience,” rather than a “near death experience” (with the negative implication of dying).

Amazingly it took place on Good Friday morning, the time when I as a Pastor am supposed to be leading my church in a commemoration worship service of Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross – as is the custom for all Christians around the world. However I had been taken to the cardiac ward the night before (on Maundy Thursday) for tests and observations on my heart. What followed was a life lesson on the Gospel message of the resurrection; which we hear about as Christ’s gift and victory over death. Rather than just talking about it, God saw fit to show me … there is more to come!

If you are interested to find out more, there is a DVD of my testimony. Click on to the he link to get your copy of my testimony.

From my testimony you will find out what happened to me:

  • what happened to bring me so close to dying on that day
  • how the cardiac ward was the right place at the right time
  • what happened when my vital signs showed a flat line
  • how did I experience a visual ‘life after death’ glimpse of heaven
  • what I discovered as a result of my near death experience
  • how God made it clear that it wasn’t a ‘figment of my imagination’

This personal experience has led me to believe:

  • that the Bible indeed reveals the connection between this life and the next.
  • that there is a literal experience of heaven and heavenly beings (angels).
  • that this spiritual reality intersects in our life for our benefit and blessing. 
  • that faith in Jesus Christ’s actions and message is the ‘real deal for your life.’

You will also find a personal blog link (top menu bar) to my personal reflections – mostly based around questions people have asked me concerning my thoughts on the meaning behind such experiences, making sense of biblical references about heaven and ‘life after death’, about faith exploration concerning this spiritual reality, and our interaction with this spiritual realm in life. Keep in mind that my blog is not set up to debate denominational differences or to argue about the variety of religious views. Life is too short for that. My journey here is to explore the personal experiences of faith, the wonder and fascination of heaven and the spiritual realm, and the encouragement we receive from that interaction for our faith and life. (Philippians 4:8,9)

The FAQ’s on this page (top menu bar) is a link to the more frequent questions I have had concerning heaven and hell, life and death, physical reality and the spiritual reality of life.

Rev. Dirk Willner.  [contact email: lifebeyondnow@gmail.com / on FaceBook: Life Beyond Now]