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That’s my experience so far. Want to find out more?

It was more of a “near heaven experience” than a “near death experience” and I would love for you to read the whole story that took place on Good Friday morning, back in 2004. Just put your name into the form on the right to get your copy of my testimony. From my testimony you will find out what happened to me:

  • how I came so close to dying on that day
  • how the cardiac ward became the right place at the right time
  • what happened when my vital signs showed a flat line
  • what I discovered as a result of my near death experience
  • how I figured out whether it was for real or not
  • how I found my answers

This personal experience has led me to believe:

  • that Scripture indeed reveals the connection between this life and the next.
  • that there is a literal experience of heaven and heavenly beings (angels).
  • that we can interact with this spiritual reality for our benefit and blessing. 

Please keep in mind that my blog on this webpage is not set up to debate denominational differences or to argue about the variety of religious views. Life is too short for that. My journey here is to explore the experience of faith, the reality of heaven and the spiritual realm, and the encouragement of what that interaction might mean for our faith. (Philippians 4:8,9)

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Rev. Dirk Willner.  [contact email: lifebeyondnow@gmail.com ]

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